Characteristics of Kawasaki Eco-Town

In Kawasaki Eco-Town, companies are encouraged to adopt resource-recycling in their production activities as much as possible,and industrial waste and bi-products are effectively reused as raw materials. Taking full advantage of the concentration of the steel, chemical, petrochemical, cement and other industries in the coastal area, collaborative efforts among facilities and companies within the eco-town area result in the effective use and regeneration of energy and resources at a high level.

Initiatives adopted by Kawasaki Eco-Town are attracting considerable attention from both within Japan and overseas, and Kawasaki Eco-Town hosts several thousand visitors who come to inspect the town every year.

Image drawing of Kawasaki Eco-Town

Kawasaki Eco-Town[Image drawing]
Kawasaki Eco-Town Plan Basic policy
Recycling facilities located in Kawasaki Eco-Town