Initiatives of Kawasaki City to Overcome Pollution Problems (2)

Measures for noise and vibration

Kawasaki City is working on the prevention of noise and vibration pollutions by issuing licenses based on the ordinance to the works in factories or worksites that generate noise or vibration.

Noise (environmental standards in general regions)
Areal type Daytime Nighttime
Exclusive residential area 55 or less 45 or less
Residential area 55 or less 45 or less
Others 60 or less 50 or less
Vibration (limit of request)
Areal type Daytime Nighttime
Residential area 65 60
Others 70 65

Measures for offensive odor

The city provides guidance to factories and worksites to reduce offensive odor based on the Offensive Order Control Law and standards specified in related ordinances. Control standards for certain 22 substances that generate offensive order are specified in the Offensive Order Control Law.

Measures for water environment

The city controls, monitors and provides guidance, etc. on water discharged to public water areas by instructing factories and worksites to submit the relevant notice and conducting on-the-spot inspections of them based on the laws and ordinances.

Environmental standards in public water areas
Areal type BOD COD ph N P
Tama River 3mg/L or less 6.5 or more but
not exceeding 8.5
Ocean area
(off the coast of Ukishima)
3mg/L or less 7.8 or more but
not exceeding 8.3
1.0mg/L or less 0.09mg/L or less

Environmental assessment system

Kawasaki City took the lead over the rest of regions in Japan and established the Kawasaki City Ordinance on Environmental Assessment in October 1976. The city also formulated a new ordinance in December 1999, which went into effect in December 2000.

Kawasaki City’s environmental assessment system stipulates a regional environment management plan with contents, such as desirable regional environmental goals, environmental assessment items and environmental conservation standards by region, etc. as a basic guideline for implementing environmental assessment.

Also, the city established and started to implement the Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency (CASBEE Kawasaki) in October 2006 in order to encourage building owners to give consideration to environment surrounding their buildings and reduce environmental burdens, etc.

Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency