Promotion of the Smart City Strategy

To realize a sustainable society, Kawasaki City is promoting smart initiatives unique to Kawasaki, such as reduction of carbon footprint by optimum utilization of energy, enhanced safety and security in emergencies and improvement of convenience and quality of citizens’ lives.

We are pressing ahead with initiatives based on improvements in the energy field and industrial development as well as environmental areas by taking advantage of the strengths and characteristics of civic life, urban development, transportation and other facets of Kawasaki that are closely associated with energy.


Promotion of Model Businesses based on Characteristics of Various Districts

By taking advantage of the characteristics and strong points of various districts, Kawasaki City is promoting model businesses. Some of the districts include those around Kawasaki Station, around Kosugi Station, in the coastal zone and
in the vicinity of Fujimi.


District around Kawasaki Station

This district is working to become a smart community inside the existing urban area through the realization of carbon reduction via efficient use of area energy, improved convenience and amenity of civic life, and achievement of safety and a sense of security.

Principle initiatives

Establishment of a Hydrogen Network in the Kawasaki Coastal District

For the creation of a smart industrial complex, the city is promoting initiatives for the establishment of a hydrogen network by taking advantage of new hydrogen bulk shipment and storage technologies in the Kawasaki coastal district.