Development of Kawasaki as an Industrial Metropolis

The coastal area of Kawasaki City developed as a result of the creation of the Keihin Industrial Zone through land reclamation projects and a cluster of industries that took up residence there. From around 1935 industrialization began to spread to inland areas as companies representing every industry including steel, electricity, food, petroleum, chemicals and air carriers became concentrated in the area.

The consistent presence of a diversity of industries and the rapid emergence of new industries in succession made it possible for Kawasaki to adapt to the changing needs of society from one era to the next, and as a city to lead the Japanese economy into growth and maintain its development.

Changes in Kawasaki reclaimed land in coastal areas

The Keihin Industrial Zone was formed through a series of land reclamation projects.

In the 1940’s

Land reclamation operations, which began in 1913, were completed as far as Mizue-cho by around 1940. Steel and petrochemical plants in particular took up residence here.

In the 1960’s

In the 1960s, Ukishima-cho became the site of developing petrochemical complexes which underpinned Japan’s period of high economic growth.

In 2008

Since then development of Ougijima and Higashi Ougijima have continued up to the present.

Kawasaki devoted considerable effort into attracting factories.

In addition to the city’s excellent location, Kawasaki’s enthusiastic promotions succeeded in drawing industries to the area.

Publicly released letter with pictures “Industries are shifting to Kawasaki” (In 1934)

Full map Kawasaki 「An Administrative of Kawasaki」 (1933)

The Kawasaki coastal area as a place of relaxation and recreation for the residents of Kawasaki

Previously a popular swimming spot in the 1930s, the sandy beach in Kawasaki’s coastal area was returned to its former state after 50 years in April 2008.