Kawasaki Green Innovation Cluster

Kawasaki Green Innovation Cluster is a system to promote “A city that contributes to global decarbonization through green innovation,” which is one of the basic policies in the “Basic Plans to Promote Kawasaki City’s Global Climate Change Mitigation”. The network aims to form a new society by making improvements through cooperation between industry, academia, and the public and private sectors, and promoting industrial recovery and international contributions.


Functions of Cluster

1. A consultation office to provide access to measures put in place by Kawasaki City and supporting organizations

The Cluster office provides one-stop consultation about how to access various measures provided by divisions of Kawasaki City and supporting organizations.

2. Promotion, public announcement, and information sharing

We support the creation of new businesses by effectively collecting, providing and sharing various information on Clusters.

  • Promotion and public announcement of environmental technologies and services accumulated in Kawasaki City
  • Sharing information on domestic and overseas needs for environmental businesses
  • Sharing information on projects including ones publicly offered by supporting organizations
  • Holding seminars on public offerings and others by domestic or overseas relevant organizations and offering consultation opportunities about them

3. Support for creation of businesses taking advantage of environmental technologies, administrative knowledge and expertise accumulated in Kawasaki City.

We proactively support business development to create new businesses in partnership with Kawasaki City.

  • Support for research, development and demonstration projects conducted in Kawasaki City
  • Support for business development centering on companies participating in Clusters through initiatives such as inter-city cooperation
  • Support for packaging and globally promoting environmental technologies, products, services, administrative knowledge and expertise accumulated in and around Kawasaki City.